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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Windows 10 is trying to high-jack my laptop before I'm ready for it. Help?

I've been using Windows 8.1 (Pro) with the StartIsBack menu add-on, and I've been happy with it.  Theoretically, I'm looking forwards to upgrading to Windows 10--but I have to wait to upgrade the laptop I use for my job until Drexel University's VPN promises to work with Windows 10.  We've been severely warned not to upgrade to Windows 10 just yet.

In the meantime, Microsoft has decided that my laptop SHALL upgrade to Windows 10, and immediately.  Although I can see that dozens of updates to Windows 8.1 are waiting, I can no longer get those updates--instead, all it tries to do is proceed with upgrading to Windows 10, which I dare not let occur.

I've googled, tried everything to get it to wait, and apparently, it's not my choice.  So I'm stuck with a system that must not yet upgrade, while Microsoft is trying every day to force it to upgrade and won't allow other security updates to install in the meantime. 

That is pretty nasty on Microsoft's part if you ask me.  It's nice that the upgrade is not going to cost me any money, but it has already caused me a fair amount of aggravation just by trying to upgrade before I am ready, and trying to remove the choice from me.  What the heck, Microsoft?  Why must you be so obnoxious.

In the meantime, since I know sooner or later I will fail to stop the upgrade and it will happen without my permission, I've ordered more RAM for this old laptop.  At least, that way, maybe the upgrade won't fail just because the hardware is old.  Maybe. 

It's stuff like this that makes even Microsoft fans like me, well, sometimes we just have to hate Microsoft.  And this is one of those times.


  • It turned out okay in this case. I first upgraded a spare laptop, and when that one worked well (even the VPN adjusted to Windows 10), I dared to upgrade the main laptop--but only after upgrading the memory to 6 Gb.

    I still resent that Microsoft held the system hostage, refusing to allow Windows 8.1 security updates to load until I gave in and upgraded to Windows 10. All people like me who use VPN to connect to their workplace are in the same dilemma. The workplaces forbid us to upgrade to Windows 10, and Microsoft insists that we do.

    By Blogger Pat Palmer, at 9:56 AM  

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