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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ruby and Tk on Windows may as well be a fantasy

Has anyone every actually tried to use tk to build a GUI with Ruby on
? Yes, Ruby runs on Windows. Yes, Tk runs on Windows. But the two do not communicate. Online instructions for binding Tk and Ruby are primarily for Linux, and ominously, use of Tk seems to require that one build one's own Ruby source from scratch in order to link Ruby with Tk.

If so, that is very discouraging and I probably won't consider it
worth doing. Furthermore, I would say it is false advertising the way
so many web sites glibly claim "and it runs on Windows too".

There are numerous discussion threads on the web where people have
sought help with this tk-Ruby linkage problem. These discussions threads seem to degrade shortly into hostility or contempt from Linux zealots towards the asking party, who continues to claim "but it doesn't work". I did finally find one posting claiming to achieve a solution. That method would require installation of multiple build tools including a C++ compiler! Not only would it take me at least two days to make it work, but also there is little hope of getting lab administrators where I am teaching to install something that burdensome.

Please tell me that Tk and Ruby on Windows is not an over-inflated pipe-dream. I hope to hear otherwise, but until I do so, Ruby--and more importantly, the much touted supportive Ruby community--has fallen somewhat in my estimation.

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  • Hi Pat --

    I got TK working with Ruby on Windows by

    1. installing ruby via 1-click installer

    2. installing TK from activestate. you must use ActiveTcl 8.4.xx.xx -- the 8.5 branch will not work

    thereafter I was immediately able to run the demos from here

    worked for me, hopefully useful to you


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 PM  

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