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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lowcost MacBook memory upgrades

Recently a friend advised me that she had upgraded her MacBook memory at very low cost by contacting the memory manufacturer directly. So I gave it a try. For less than $70, I was able (in one week) to upgrade my first-gen MacBook's RAM from 512K to 2Gb. The website will scan your system for you and identify the correct memory. Hard to believe, but would have sold me the same memory for $300.

I had to install the memory myself. A quick Google brings up several how-to sites. It worked the first time, but it did help that I knew about how much pressure to apply pushing the chips in (quite a bit, actually). Newbies might not press hard enough, or might press too hard and break something. Be careful!

One important warning, though; if you're MacBook is under warranty, be sure and retain your old memory devices. You'll need to reinstall them if you have to get the unit serviced (because otherwise, so they say, the warranty might not be valid).

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