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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Win XP Pro on MacBook at last!

After a week of failed install efforts, the sixth attempt finally seems to have succeeded. This time, I went all the way back to Mac OS X, let it zap the old partition so I could start from scratch (using BootCamp 1.1.1 Beta). After installing XP, I ran into a new problem--when trying to install the web server (IIS 6.0), XP said it could not copy files from the DVD. Given the previous problems I'd had getting XP to run on the MacBook, I feared it meant another crash was coming, but after a long search, I am happy to report that it was Microsoft's problem, and they have a fix procedure that worked for me. Microsoft's Knowledge Base contains this article (Knowledge Base #555268), and the fix described there worked!

So, for the first time, the MacBook is fully loaded with my development tools on Windows XP Pro SP2, and I can easily boot between Mac OS X and Windows XP. Hallelujah. If it will just be stable, now, I'll have finally accomplished two goals at once--getting myself a faster (Windows) laptop, and getting myself a Mac OS X testbed for Java applications, plus learning more about Mac OS X which is pretty neat in many ways.


  • Finally you gave in to the Mac. :) Don't you just love it when things work?

    In case of curiosity. This is Art, stalking on your blog. See mine at

    By Blogger TiC, at 8:39 PM  

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